• Providing family-centered sleep solutions in and around Canberra.

  • Providing family-centered sleep solutions in and around Canberra.

  • Providing family-centered sleep solutions in and around Canberra.

  • Providing family-centered sleep solutions in and around Canberra.


About Us

About Sleep Love Grow

We believe our community is built on the relationships we build within our homes. We believe in parenting that is based on the concepts of love and logic, that which teaches children to be in charge of the choices they make and to guide them accordingly with respect and empathy. We believe there are ways to help babies and children sleep well, without working outside the parenting philosophy. The family unit was meant to be a sacred thing, something that was set apart to create sanctuary from the world, a chance to learn how to maintain healthy relationships and a predictable platform to launch from, when the time is right. We are passionate about focusing on positive foundations such as emotional well-being, to help create sustainable, happy homes that provide our children with both roots and wings.


About Jen

Jen is a wife, mum of five children, birth and postnatal doula, sleep consultant and registered midwife. She has studied with Childbirth International, International Maternity and Parenting Institute, Breakthrough Parenting and the University of Canberra to gain her qualifications.


  • sleep support

    sleep support

    We provide sleep support for children aged five months to five years of age.


    First-Step Sleep Guidance. This package includes an initial consult via Skype/FaceTime of 1-2 hours, an individualized sleep plan and unlimited access via phone and email to ask questions and troubleshoot if necessary, up until three months after your initial consultation.

    $100 per person

    Sleep Education Sessions. Our Sleep Education Sessions are a great way to get together with friends and learn how to help create positive sleep habits for your child. A Sleep Education Session runs for 2 hours and includes everything you need to know about sleep, an opportunity to ask questions about your child’s sleep and a sleep booklet for you to take home and refer back to. These sessions are perfect for mums groups. Babies and children are, of course, most welcome. After the session, the organizer of the group will receive 1 month of sleep support via phone/email and each other participant will receive 1 email and 1 follow-up phone call (to be used within the month after the session) to trouble-shoot and ask further sleep questions specific to your child/ren.

  • postnatal support

    postnatal support

    4 hr day: $400, 8 hr day: $600, night stay: $800

    Support after your baby is born up until four months of age. Support includes in-home assistance of your choice, including baby care, sibling care, light household duties, errands, sleep guidance and general support, to help you get some rest and ease into your parenting role.

    Gift certificates for new parents are available.

  • parenting & sleep prep

    parenting & sleep prep


    Information for parents-to-be to help them understand the basics of infant care and sleep, the connection of sleep to the mother-baby bond and ways to encourage positive sleep habits from when a baby is born. Includes a two hour session in-home, plus unlimited access via phone and email to answer questions and provide sleep support, up until your baby is six weeks old.

    Gift certificates for expecting parents are available.