I contacted Jen a few months ago about my then 9 month old refusing naps, unable to self settle and overnight wakings. She was so pleasant to deal with, and gave such great support at the times when I thought all was lost and he was never going to ‘get it’. He finally has ‘got it’ and he is doing so much better. Jen put me on the right track and helped me through the steps to get to where we are now. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Jen!

– Charissa

Thanks Jen, you have been a great support for both my baby and toddler sleep challenges. We’re so much more confident now, and more importantly, getting a lot more sleep!

– Kristin

Where do I start?! I am sitting here writing this testimonial while my baby is sleeping…that’s right!

To some that might sound normal, however before Jen came, our 9 month old baby was surviving on 20 minute cat naps during the day and waking several times throughout the night…the lack of sleep was taking its toll on the whole family!

Jen’s knowledge, skills, experience and support have been invaluable to us in addressing our baby’s sleep issues. Jen worked very respectfully and non-judgmentally with us to develop a plan which was tailored to our situation and our baby’s needs. She provided many different options and strategies which were consistent with what we identified as most important to us and what we were able to manage.

Jen’s in-home support was amazing! She helped us to implement our baby’s plan and supported us. It was so helpful to have her ‘real time’ input which helped us to learn more about our baby’s cues and respond more appropriately. It is never easy to make changes, however with Jen’s input and support we were able to do what we needed to do to get results for our baby.

Now we have a happy baby who is taking proper sleeps throughout the day and is sleeping through the night! If it wasn’t for Jen’s help, we may never have had the right information, strategies or support to help our baby sleep! We are all much happier for it!
We are forever grateful!

– Brad and Amanda

Jen Staniforth is amazing at what she does – I can’t recommend her enough! My one year old daughter was waking up super early and not self settling, and Jen worked out a personalised program to help us solve these issues. And it worked! My daughter is 3 now, and I still contact Jen every now and then with questions, and she’s really helpful.

Jen is friendly, thoughtful, experienced, understanding, and very knowledgeable. If you need help with getting your little one to sleep better, Jen Staniforth is your lady!

– Renee

Within a week, Leo was having regular naps and going to sleep without rocking and waking without crying… yippee! Jen spent a whole day with us, and then popped back in a few times over the course of a week. Every few days she called to check how we were going and to offer support and guidance.

The best thing about working with Jen was that it felt like a friend calling for a chat and offering a bit of advice. Leo and I are able to enjoy our time together so much more now that his awake time is happy and contented. He “talks” himself to sleep (which is pretty cute to listen to), and we are much more organised during the day knowing when he will wake up and when he needs to sleep.

– Dean and Heather

Jen is fantastic. She is very caring, non-judgmental and knowledgeable. The sleeping plan that she put together for our son (8 months) was exactly what we wanted and needed and has been incredibly successful. The plan took into account our son’s personality traits and our parenting philosophies and preferences. We have also been given the tools and knowledge to help us with any future sleeping challenges which may come along.

I strongly recommend Sleep Love Grow to anyone who is having difficulty with their baby’s sleep.

– Kally

The best thing about Jen’s service is that its personalized to suit your family. For me, that was super important. Not only was my 11 month old son sleeping in my bed, he was also breastfed to sleep and still waking 4 times a night for a feed. 7 weeks later my son was sleeping in his own room and in his own bed the whole night through!

Would highly recommend Jen for any sleeping issues.

– Sharon

Our household was chaos because our infant wasn’t sleeping. He was awake for hours and would get overtired easily and then be a nightmare to get to sleep during the day.

My husband and I had ‘googled’ every possible site, read books and spoken to healthcare professionals trying to find the solution to our problem until I was at meltdown point and contacted Jen.

Jen came into our home and worked with my husband and I over a number of hours to identify where the problem was and what steps we needed to take as a family to restore some harmony in the home. We have since received follow-up support from Jen following our session which has been extremely helpful.

Jen is very professional and has an amazing touch with children. As a parent I strongly recommend Jen if you have a child with sleeping issues big or small – you won’t regret it.

– Michael and Kelly

Jen is worth her weight in gold. Very supportive and is just as happy as you are when you see improvement. I would recommend her to anyone having sleep issues. It was the best thing we did it. Thanks Jen!

– Stacey

Jen is the baby whisperer! We contacted Jen about short day naps, she came to our home talked to us, met our baby and tailored a plan which we were able to use and see results with straight away. Jen makes sure that the methods in your plan suit your baby’s personality and your parenting style, she will not ask you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Jen has given us great support, not only with sleep but also feeding, she will always promptly respond to texts, phone calls and emails.

Jen has a lovely manner, she is always respectful not only to mum and dad but also baby, she gives encouragement when you need it. I would absolutely recommend Jen to anyone.

– Alice

Jen is amazing and gave me the tools to help my 9 month old sleep through the night. On night 4 last night since seeing Jen, Emma slept from 7.30pm to 7am. This time last week she was waking every hour during the night!

– Sarah

Jen has given me and my family so much support and genuine care since I first contacted her 18 months ago. She gave us a plan, a routine and the confidence that we could get our little one sleeping better, not feeding to sleep, and not crying for hours, etc. The service she provided for us was invaluable. She has also been lovely and generous with support through emails. Thanks Jen!

– Laura

Just want to give a shout out to Jen for saving my life! In one week my 2 year old was falling asleep on his own and staying in his bed all night. Finally after 2 years he is sleeping through the night. Jen provided us with endless support and encouragement along with advice whenever we needed it.

My child is like a different little boy and his eczema has even improved since he’s been getting more sleep.
So please don’t hesitate to get help with your kids’ sleep problems. Jen really did save our sanity!!!!

– Cat and Matt

Jen’s 24 hour support during the six months we had her were invaluable to me feeling confident with our daughter’s sleeping issues!

– Anouska

We first met Jen in 2014 when our son was 5 months old. He was only having short naps during the day and waking 5-6 times a night. A friend recommended Jen and we haven’t looked back! Jen was friendly, approachable and listened to us without any judgment.

She regularly checked in via phone and/or email and she always responded to our questions – no matter how big or small. She offered practical advice which could be implemented straight away.
Jen’s sleep plan was thorough, personalised and catered to our specific needs. We loved that Jen’s advice could be applied according to our beliefs.

We have contacted Jen again this year to help with our daughter’s sleep and she has again offered advice and helped us to tweek things with our routine.

Jen has given us invaluable knowledge which we can use to help with any future sleeping challenges. We cannot recommend Jen highly enough and we thank her so much!

– Lauren

Our 3rd baby was 5 months old and waking every hour overnight, I was exhausted and it wasn’t fair on our two other children. I finally got Jen to come and help and 3.5 weeks later my little man now sleeps through the night! It has made such a huge difference to our family.

We highly recommend Jen, only regret is that I waited as long as I did!

– Emma