From Waking 5 Times per night to Sleeping Thru – Read Madeline’s story!

This month we’re highlighting a SleepLoveGrow family who were struggling through sleep deprivation and wishing for a change that would benefit their whole family. Meet Madeline:

My husband and I enlisted Sleep Love Grow’s help and expertise after reaching the end of our tether with our daughters sleep (or lack of!). When we met Jen, Chloe was not napping at all during the day unless in the car/pram, and was sleeping in our bed and waking up to 5 times per night to feed.

Together we agreed on a plan, and Jen gave us the confidence we needed to know we were doing the right thing for Chloe. We saw improvement after night one, and while it took a lot of persistence, she is consistently sleeping 7-7 and having long naps in her cot.

Four months on, we are still astounded at the turnaround! All of us are much happier for being well-rested. Jen, we can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance in improving Chloe’s sleep!!! I still rave about you to anyone who will listen!

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at sleep love grow, we are passionate about focusing on positive foundations, such as emotional well-being, to help create sustainable, happy homes that provide our children with both roots and wings.

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