When baby hates cot and how you can help

Have a bub who is 6 months or older who hates his sleep space? Cries when you’re walking toward his cot? Cries when you try putting him in the cot?

If you know your baby is tired but he is not fond of going into his bed, try some Positive Sleep Space Association.

During his wake time, ensure the room looks completely different than sleep time (i.e. lights on or curtains open, perhaps play some up-beat music that you know he will enjoy), and place him in his sleep space with some toys and/or books. Stay in the room with him while he plays and encourage him by turning his interest to different things and providing some interaction (like peek-a-boo around the cot bars with a teddy). If he is hesitant to go into his sleep space initially during this time, try some “aeroplanes” over the sleep space or playing next to the sleep space as an initial step towards eventually playing IN the sleep space.

Children, even babies, need to be in and around their sleep space regularly for reasons other than sleep.

Once you begin doing Positive Sleep Space Association several times a day (only 5-10 minutes is required), you should begin to see a shift in his feelings about his sleep space. This practice helps an older baby “normalize” being in the sleep space, which can help him feel more settled before going to sleep and when he wakes.


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